Thank you! 

“Heartfelt thanks to the many parents, staff, grandparents, alumnae, past parents and friends of Baradene who have donated to this campaign. Your generous contributions are most appreciated. We are well on the way to setting up our new Makerspace – this would not have been possible without your support.

These are exciting times for our students.”

Sandy Pasley, Principal.

"It has been my dream to provide Baradene students with a Makerspace – a dedicated space available to students to design and create physical and digital products using high tech equipment and technology - for assessment related projects across the entire curriculum and for the extracurricular projects such as Robotics, Young Enterprise and other inter school competitions. A Baradene Makerspace will give our students the opportunity to learn in a self-directed, hands-on way - to invent, experiment, innovate, collaborate, critically evaluate, problem solve, all the while developing resilience and perseverance through the process of testing, evaluating and modifying. A Baradene Makerspace will prepare our students to take their place in the modern world, equipped with the skills they need to succeed. We now have the Baradene Makerspace "space". However, we need your help to raise the funds to purchase the specialised equipment required. If you are able to, please support our first Baradene Giving Week so we can make the Baradene Makerspace dream a reality." 

Sandy Pasley, Principal


Laser Cutter

Cost: $80,000

3D Printer

Cost: $25,000

Vinyl Printer

Cost: $3,000

Virtual Reality Sets

Cost: $5,000

Camera Equipment

Cost: $10,000 (including a DSLR camera, lenses, pocket cameras and accessories)

Tower PC Equipment

Cost: $25,000 (includes 6 Tower PCs, monitors, speakers and an all-in-one PC)

Green Screen/Lighting Equipment

Cost: $3,000